About Us

Welcome to Two Bees Books developers of mobile interactive children’s books for early readers and pre-readers.

Out in My Stroller an animated board book for young kids under 5 is the first in a 4 book series. The book highlights animals and nature that a young child encounters while out and about on a morning’s stroll.

In My Room, the second in the eBook series explores cars, planes and trains in a young child’s room. A beautifully illustrated eBook about making friends encourages reading the story together or having the story be read aloud.

Off to the Beach, the third in the animated eBook series follows 3 animal friends as they explore nature and animals at the beach. A great learning opportunity for both animal characters and toddler as things are not what they seem.

Duck, Dog, and Bear go to Africa Share in the adventures of Duck, Dog, and Bear with your 2 – 4 year old in the animated storybook, “Duck, Dog, and Bear go to Africa”. Smile as you hear and see the frolic and fun of our intrepid trio exploring the African plain. Enjoy the action by reading the story together or having the story be read aloud. Encourage the young child to ask about new and different things – maybe even “Hairy and Scary” animals!

With Read-Along and Read-To-Me options, pre-readers and early readers can benefit from the app. This is a beautiful story, and parents and children alike with fall in love with it!


My Mommy takes me out in my stroller and I see lots of new things everyday.