“Reading a book and talking with your child is a wonderful way to share experiences. Using what is happening in the book can open new lines of communication. Talking and reading to preschoolers makes them better prepared for school and beyond.


“Share a book.  Share an experience like going “Out In My Stroller or having a parade “In My Room”.  Have some fun and make a happy memory while turning pages.

With an interactive picture book it is even easier to create a fun learning experience. An animated book is multi-sensory. Not only can the child enjoy the
pictures, but with a simple touch all the characters come to life. Research shows that picture books are a great way to teach your children while having fun.

There are so many reasons why the interactive picture book is important. To learn more,read the article in the Children’s Book Review at’s-development.html

 We would love to hear what wonderful adventures and discoveries you and your child have had while sharing an interactive book.


The animals are going to have a parade in their room. Go to the next page to see what they do.