Going outside to enjoy nature is free . . . and so is our book “Out in my Stroller.” Nature is a great teacher! Go outdoors to explore spring. There are flowers to touch and smell; bright colors to see; birds to hear. You can taste the newness in the air. The […]

It’s Free!

Young or old, we all love to hear a good story. In fact, it is a good way for grown-ups to share fun with children. Reading a story book to a child is a great way to get a conversation started. More and more research is emerging, showing the importance […]

Everyone Loves A Good Story

Good News for Duck, Dog, and Bear. The price of their trip to Africa has just been cut in half . . . . and so is your adventure. The new price of the book is $1.99. The trio meets some great new friends on their journey. At first, they […]

Good News!

National Grandparents Day falls each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It is a day for young and old to honor each other, and an opportunity for civic engagement for all generations.  Celebrate by sharing a story, either reading together or telling each other a story . . . […]

National Grandparents Day

Our friends take a long journey to Africa.  Yes, our new book is now available for the iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store.  Duck, Dog, and Bear go to Africa, where they meet some new friends. We hope you are enjoying the summer.  It is hard to believe […]

Duck, Dog, and Bear go to Africa

. . . . to travel with Duck, Dog, and Bear; as they go on a BIG trip to a faraway place. They will travel to Africa, where they meet some new animals who seem very scary at first. But soon they discover that the animals are just like them […]

GET READY. . . .

  Consider going to “Off to the Beach” in the winter. Would it be the same as going in the summer? Where would all our animal friends be during the cold weather? They might be doing just the same things they do in the summer. Or, perhaps they are hiding. […]

Imagination, Curiosity, and Just Plain Fun

Summer always makes us feel more relaxed and brings memories of fun.  It often means a trip to the beach, just like Duck, Dog, and Bear.  They met some new friends on their visit.  Did you?  Hope so!  Well, they are off again, looking for a new adventure in Africa. […]

Summer Fun

Yesterday I was at the park. There were a number of parent/child groups in the play area. Some looked like they were having fun together; others appeared to be there just to pass the time. What was the difference? The ones who were having fun were talking and laughing, sharing […]

Sharing Time and Experiences

January is the time we all make resolutions to better our lives. One of those for many people is to read more. That means reading for our own pleasure, reading to broaden our horizons, and reading to our little ones. Our latest book is now available on iTunes. The title […]

Happy New Year