Summer is here. As adults, we have memories of special summer adventures when we were kids. It was a chance to go to a favorite vacation spot, see grandparents, go barefoot, play outdoors at night, go to camp, join the library’s Summer Reading program . . . you name it, […]

Summer is Here!

. . . and so are the flowers. Now is the time to load up the stroller with a few books and your tablet or phone. Take a walk to the park and look at all the flowers along the way. Your little ones will be attracted to the bright […]

Spring is Here . . .

  “Reading a book and talking with your child is a wonderful way to share experiences. Using what is happening in the book can open new lines of communication. Talking and reading to preschoolers makes them better prepared for school and beyond.   “Share a book.  Share an experience like going […]