Imagination, Curiosity, and Just Plain Fun


Consider going to “Off to the Beach” in the winter. Would it be the same as going in the summer? Where would all our animal friends be during the cold weather? They might be doing just the same things they do in the summer. Or, perhaps they are hiding. What do we do in the summer that we don’t do in the winter?

Our old friends Duck, Dog and Bear are off on a new adventure. They will be traveling to Africa – a long trip for all. But when they get there, there will be new friends to make. That is, if they are not too scared.

We hope that you will read our books to your little ones and ask them questions about their own experiences. Imagination and curiosity are great traits to develop. They serve us all as we grow. Finally, we all need to have some fun along the way. Just thinking of new adventures, silly or not, make us smile and laugh. Happy Reading!Africa-Cover-for-Fbk