Whatever the Weather – There is always something to do.

Whether you live where it is frightful or delightful, the weather is always something to talk about anytime of year. And this applies to your little one. If you are indoors, explain the coziness of your home – it is warm inside, but cold outside. If the weather allows, go outside and explore. Our first two books Out in my Stroller and In my Room were meant to be the beginning of a conversation about those two places – inside and outside. Taking a walk offers lots of chances for simple adventure. Being indoors gives other opportunities, including playing in the child’s room, reading, helping around the house, etc. We hope you are sharing some happy times with your children this winter – whether you are inside or outside. Teach your child something new, while enjoying the time together.

For ways to discuss weather with your child, go to these web sites for information and activities:

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